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Sharing the latest music with your friends 0


Sharing The Latest Music With Your Friends

Turning Your Friends On By Sharing New Music
There is no greater feeling than to discover a band you have never heard of. Moreover, it is an even more rewarding feeling when you get to share this band with friends. Further, if you find a band you love, then you should celebrate the music and share it with your closest comrades. Music is meant to be passed around and shared. In addition, new music benefits greatly from continue reading »

Creating your own dance moves from the newest songs 0


When you are thinking about dancing, there may be many things that come to your mind. Some people use dance to express themselves, while others use dance to get fit. The truth of the matter is that no matter why decide to dance, it is a good way to show off your physical qualities and your level of fitness.

Take a moment to think about what kind of dance moves that are most familiar to you. Sometimes, you can simply continue reading »

How to remix songs to keep them fresh 0


Nowadays, anyone with a USB microphone, computer, and high-speed internet connection can put out “music.” So, how do you grab the attention of music listeners floating adrift in a sea of mediocrity? Remixes. Here are some tips on how to remix songs to keep them fresh and get noticed.

Mix up the instrumentation.
When remixing, don’t stick with the same instruments and sound you had originally. Was your song done on an acoustic? Try a mellowed out version with piano and strings. No drums on the original? Add them and sporadic continue reading »

Recording your own covers of your favorite songs 0


Perhaps you have loved music since the very day you were born, or maybe tunes are a fairly new interest for you. In any case, you’ve been motivated to record some covers of your favorite tunes. You could play around with a recorder and microphone at home, but why not take it a bit bigger?

Before recording a cover of a song, be sure to check into any copyright laws. You don’t want to have problems with these potential issues down the road. Now that you’ve received the okay, look for a local recording continue reading »

How music can bring friends together 0


There are many different interests and events that can bring a group of individuals together. These events can include the group having similar interests. When a group of friends becomes friends, it is due to the fact that they must have some things in common. Regardless of how hard one tries, it is almost impossible to get along with a person who does not share any similar likes as them. Not having anything in common with someone is not great for the friendship. Even though their likes in television, clothing and eating may be different, there continue reading »

How the best artists rose to the top 0


Popular artists who have successfully made it big all have one important thing in common. This was the sole reason the band made it to the big time with large concert venues and huge sales of debut albums. It is the very thing that keeps many from being successful; successful bands conquered their fears.

Many do not realize how much fear can hold you back from making the big time. After all, if you have the continue reading »

Staying up to date on the latest music 0


Music is an ever changing industry. More than that, music is more involved in our every day lives than at any other time in history. We now have the technological power to have our favorite songs at our fingertips within seconds. From touchscreen mp3 players to smartphones, we now have the technology to keep our music with us on the go. We can change our tunes as quickly as our moods, set up playlists for daily workouts and stream videos right from our phones featuring our favorite artists. continue reading »

Creating a playlist for your party 0


When you create a playlist for your party you want to get your hands on the songs that will be entertaining but no offensive. This means radio friendly tunes. It really pays to get in tune with all of the new songs that are out. Try to discover the type of vibe that you will have for your party. The mid tempo songs are always a good idea for gatherings. Sometimes fast songs are okay,, but it really just depends on how lively you want the party to be. Some people are afraid that things will get to rowdy with a big crowd. This is why it is sometimes better to just keep things light and easy. The best flow for a party is a cross between pop and R&B with a light touch of contemporary jazz thrown in. Consider everyone that may be attending when you get ready to have a party. Don’t just assume that people will love your music because you like certain songs. Get yourself in a place where you can think outside the box. Consider what you friends may like as well. Get some diversity to fit the taste of different people in the crowd.